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Working with Dad

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Barbara’s father, Bob Neill, was a pioneering hypnotherapist whose gift was discovered as early as 1943. In this book, his memoir tells how he astounded his fellow Royal Engineers, during his National Service days, before he went on to become a professional hypnotherapist in the nineteen sixties.
Bob was always open to discovering his spiritual gifts and, with his guidance, Barbara followed in her father’s footsteps from a young age. She tells the story of some of the remarkable occurences in her life, from her encounter with angels, her near death experience and amazing synchronicities, to her training as a hypnotherapist, when she built upon the foundations of her father’s technique. Although he passed away in 2006, Bob’s legacy lives on and this book will tell you how.

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"A wonderful insight into Barbara Neill's life and into the life of her truly remarkable and funny father as beautifully told in her and her fathers own words. I had the honour of knowing Bob myself when he taught me Hypnotherapy, and this book is a great tribute which shares with the reader his antics in his service days and his vast talents including his inspiring career in Hypnotherapy. Bob's and Barbara's humour and warmth are felt throughout this charming and fun read."  James Whiting

"A wonderful tribute from a daughter to her beloved father. I have heard nothing but praise for this inspirational man who, I sadly wasn't able to meet in person but having read the book feel that I know him very well. Humour, intelligence and compassion spills out of this read making it a joy to read and unputdownable. This book would appeal to anyone whether they are interested in complementary therapies or who just want a frank account of someone's National Service experience, showing his extraordinary talent and natural progression into a field relatively un-tapped in those early years." Sue Spiel

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