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 NEW!  The Neill Technique for Writers

The Neill Technique can help aspiring writers to become good writers, and good writers to become great writers! 



As a writer, (or aspiring writer), including songwriters, does any of this sound familiar?Writers Block 
Incomplete manuscripts
Lack of confidence
The ‘black hole’ of writing for the web
Lack of focus


Help is at hand!

Whether you are an aspiring writer or an established author, it is likely that you will recognise at least some of the problems listed above. The Neill Technique for Writers has been developed  specifically to deal with these problems and make them a thing of the past.

The Neill Technique for Writers

will help you to:

be more inspired

allow words to flow easily

be motivated to complete your unfinished work

meet your deadlines, with ease

write with confidence

enjoy your writing

Who is it for?

* Aspiring writers

* Established authors

* Bloggers

* Web writers

* Anyone who would like to explore their full potential, as a writer

* YOU!


I wasn't focusing well before, and hadn't had much enthusiasm for finding the time to write. Over the past 10 days or so since I listened to the mp3, I have felt more focused, found quality time to myself, and to write, and have done so happily. It certainly has helped me, and I feel positive and even refreshed! It's hard to explain, but I do feel different and "ready to go"!

-Maria  (aspiring writer)

After listening to The Neill Technique for Writers I set a realistic deadline to complete my manuscript, which I managed easily. It was no effort at all. I didn't have to force myself to work, nor to rest. I looked forward to writing in a way that's been missing since the initial burst of enthusiasm over two years ago!

-Liz (web developer and non-fiction writer)

I recently had the opportunity to listen to "The Neill Technique for Writers" and i have to say...there has DEFINITELY been an improvement in the amount of writing i have done since listening to the audio file. If you're struggling to write at the moment, this may be the answer
-Vikki (novelist and blogger)

The Neill Technique for Writers

Being a writer is within the grasp of everybody, but there are relatively few people who actually do it.

So – what’s different about those who do?

Focus – a plan and the determination to see it through.

The Neill Technique can help.


You can:

* Reach your potential

* Develop good writing habits

   with ease...

All you have to do is take some time out; about half an hour, relax and listen to The Neill Technique for Writers audio recording. After listening just once you will notice positive changes in your writing ability!

Download NOW!

What are you waiting for? You can download it right now, and it’s only $16.75 (approximately £10.00)! *This special price is for a limited time only. Buy your copy NOW!

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The Neill Technique for Writers