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Life, Love and Laughter

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"Life, Love and Laughter, a poetry anthology", is a brand new collection of Barbara's poems.

An anthology of ditties, as well as observations on the more serious side of life, hopefully, this anthology will have something for everyone's taste.

Paperback edition now available from Amazon

A taster



Within my dreams, the face you bear is yours
There is so little difference I can find
Between your spirit’s anatomic pause
And the part of you that lives inside my mind
The lips are yours; your eyes are just the same
As those that kindle fires in my heart
So burns in every single, tiny flame
A joy, as great as life, till you depart

Another taster



I am a toothless budgie
Of very little wit.

I live a fairly simple life
In a birdcage, full of grit.

I’m pretty lucky really
With NEARLY everything I need.

But I’d be TOTALLY fulfilled
If I could just suckseed!


Love Within

"Love Within" is a collaboration between Barbara and Tim Pepper.

You can listen to it, here


"What a delightful mixture of poetry. from light hearted to thought provoking.
I really loved reading this anthology and was quite sorry when I'd finished it, wishing there had been more pages to turn." Liz

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