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Barbara Neill

Barbara Neill is a professional hypnotherapist and writer from the South East of England.

In her hypnotherapy practice, she specialises in helping people who have dyspraxia and is, herself, dyspraxic. 


Barbara has always been passionate about writing. Her work includes short stories, poetry and novels, as well as non-fiction on such subjects as hypnotherapy, spirituality, dyspraxia and anything else she feels drawn to write about.

Currently available are:

"Life, Love and Laughter; a poetry anthology"

"Working with Dad; beyond life and death"

"Dyspraxia and Hypnotherapy"

Also due to be published in 2014 is her debut novel, "Wired", a paranormal romance.

Barbara is currently working on a trilogy of supernatural thrillers.


Barbara's fine art photography has won many awards, as well as being exhibited and sold internationally. Some examples of her photography work can be seen on the gallery page of this website.


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